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AKapella visits Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer (JCCFC)

"In this journey through life, you are not alone.

Someone is always there for you. Life is such a blessing."

- Alexa Kahn

Recently, AKapella was invited to carry out their event at Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer (JCCFC). The members of JCCFC heard about AKapella’s work through their friends at Carewell and requested for their own visit. This event had the most attendees in AKapella history. We had over 40 cancer patients attend with all their families, amounting to around 80 people! All the JCCFC members are in the late stages of cancer, so they really needed healing.

The AKapella music scholars and some Carewell members came along to sing for JCCFC.

It was heartwarming to see AKapella’s different partners coming together! Everyone sang along to the meaningful songs that were chosen by the JCCFC members. Some were upbeat, some were somber. Many tears were shed as the patients came to terms with their life’s obstacles. It was heartwarming to see and listen to the meanings of the songs for the JCCFC members. There was one who said “I like the song because to me, aside from my two children, the most beautiful gift God has given me is my life” (excerpt from The Feast Family Report on July 3, 2019). Another cancer patient, who was able to relate to the song “Lead Me Lord” said, “It is a prayer that was answered for me because God led me to the people who not only provided material needs, but also led me to Him” (excerpt from The Feast Family Report on July 3, 2019).

Through it all, we kept reminding them that no matter what, they are never alone. There are always people here to support and comfort them. Everyone's life is a blessing. We then ended with a communal meal, where we celebrated each other’s lives with laughter and more songs. AKapella will visit JCCFC again in hopes of bringing more happiness, especially to those who did not get a chance to request songs this time around.

See highlights video below:

*AKapella was also featured in the pages 3-6 of family report of The Feast, an internal newsletter of the Kerygma family.

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