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Akapella visits the Philippine Children's Medical Center

AKapella Music Scholars

Through volunteer opportunities in Kythe, AKapella had a chance to reach out to another hospital, the Philippine Children’s Medical Center - a tertiary hospital specializing in pediatric care. During this visit, the volunteers worked in the children’s cancer ward.

One of the activities AKapella prepared for the kids was hand tracing. With the help of the AKapella Music Scholars, the kids traced their hands and wrote down their dreams on each traced finger. After this, the children shared what they wrote and why it matters to them.

The AKapella Music Scholars prepared interactive songs so that the children could join in. The famous “Baby Shark” was a hit, as they sang and danced together. In addition, they also sang popular Tagalog songs.

Before they said goodbye, the AKapella Music Scholars sang to them the song, “Hawak Kamay” (“Hold Hands”). It is a song that tells people that they are not alone in their journey, no matter how seemingly hopeless it may be. It is a way to remind them that there will always be people that care for them.

At the end of the experience, the AKapella Music Scholars all gathered again to share their personal experiences with the children and the realizations they had.

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