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Carewell Mentors AKapella Music Scholars

This year, AKapella hosted another visit at Carewell with the AKapella music scholars. Since we’ve had multiple events at the center, everyone already knew the drill. Each Carewell member was looking forward to their pictures and their songs. Most of them even volunteered to come up and sing with us. Everyone in the room was laughing, singing, and enjoying each other’s presence and the warmth of the event.

No tears were shed that day; everyone had already come to terms with their life challenges in the past AKapella visits. With so many members participating in the event, it lasted close to four hours long! But it seemed to go by in the blink of an eye with all the fun everyone was having.

After the singing activity, Carewell members paired up with AKapella music scholars to mentor them about how to think about their future goals. They were given a list of questions about career, passion, and values to help guide the conversation. The Carewell members were so enthusiastic to mentor the AKapella music scholars and to be given a chance to guide them them.

Carewell members discussed their life obstacles and how they overcame it, giving the girls advice about the future and beyond. It was a wonderful thing to see two of AKapella’s service partners coming together. The AKapella music scholars found the information very useful.

We witnessed that AKapella events are not just about singing but also strengthening personal connections.

See highlights video:

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