Songs That Share Our Stories (Remembering our dear friend)

As we move on to another year,

we want to show our appreciation for the stories

that inspired us to keep on doing our mission,

to uplift and empower people through music

This is our compilation of stories and music,

the AKapella Story-Song Book.

Remembering our Friends


To our dear Lea.

We will miss you.

You have been such a great inspiration to all of us. 

IKAW is Lea’s favorite song.

She often told us about her love story,

how she met her dear husband

while she was going through cancer.

She did not realize she could fall in love

or that her special love would come while she was sick.

Her story inspired us all to believe in true love. 

In memory of Lea, Jasmine and the AKapella scholars sang her favorite song.


Ikaw ang pag-ibig na hinintay 

(You are the love that I waited for)

Puso ay nalumbay ng kay tagal ngunit ngayo'y nandito na 

(My heart felt lonely but now you are here)

Ikaw, ikaw ang pag-ibig na binigay

(You, You are the love that was given)

Sa akin ng Maykapal biyaya ka sa buhay ko

(To me by God, his blessing to my life)

Ligaya't pag-ibig ko'y ikaw

(You are my happiness and love)

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