AKapella visits Cancer Patients in Hospitals

AKapella, through the mediation of the Carewell Community, gets requests to sing to cancer patients while they are confined in the hospital.

One such patient had just undergone a mastectomy. Alexa met with the patient and they shared life stories. Afterwards, the patient requested for the song “Girl on Fire.” Battling breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy was a great feat for her. She felt this song was fitting because she emerged victorious, despite everything she went through.


Another patient we visited also had battled breast cancer and had undergone a mastectomy. When Alexa met with the patient, she revealed that she had questioned God’s existence due to her circumstance. After she talked about her troubles, Alexa serenaded her with the worship songs “Amazing Grace” and “You Raise Me Up.” It turned out to be a very inspiring moment as the patient talked about how the song spoke to her and made her realize that God is good despite her situation.

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