Akapella Visits the Philippine Orthopedic Center

As a Kythe Volunteer, AKapella visited The Philippine Orthopedic Hospital, a government medical facility designed to serve as a center for trauma and orthopedics in the country.

Upon arriving at POC, the AKapella witnessed the condition of the children, as they were strapped to their beds while waiting for recovery.

AKapella introduced themselves and sang the song “Hawak Kamay,” in hopes of empowering the children and to send a message that they are not alone in their recovery.

The AKapella volunteers worked with the children on an activity, where they traced the children’s hands on a colored paper and asked the children to write their dreams on each traced finger. Afterwards, the children talked about their hopes and dreams. Then the AKapella volunteers hung the paper hands on the children’s beds as a constant reminder of their dreams and aspirations, helping to keep them motivated to recover quickly.

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