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Turning Passion into Purpose

I always thought that ‘passion’ is what’s going to take me further and what will give me fulfilment in life. Thinking that with all the challenges that I will face in life, I will need that drive and fire inside from my passion. But fate has its way of reminding us that there is more to life than personal fulfilment, that we are all connected in many ways. We are all meant to touch the lives of the people we meet. That’s when I discovered a meaningful way of using my gift of music to connect with people on a deeper level, realizing that it’s time to give way to my life's purpose.

People are starting to discover that music helps improve medical conditions, from providing better pain tolerance, to being an effective tool used in therapy and rehabilitation. I am so grateful to God for giving me an opportunity to experience the healing power of music.

At our most recent event at Carewell, the AKapella music scholars realized that someone was missing. The girls found out that, who never misses an AKapella event, was in the hospital. The scholars immediately asked to visit her in Makati Medical Center. Together, they sang songs and prayed. It was amazing to see how the girls take the initiative now. They have learned how to show their compassion, kindness, and selflessness. What started as a singing activity for the girls has also turned into an advocacy for them. Now, they fully realize the impact they have on other people and are generous to share their talents with others. These experiences opened my eyes in many ways -- I have found purpose through my passion for music.


Alexa Kahn

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